Current local time in Jersey City now

Flag (United States)
Place nameJersey City
CountryWashington, D.C.
Local time in United States
Capital cityWashington, D.C.
Local time in Washington, D.C.
CurrencyUSD (Dollar)
International Calling Code+1

Alternate names:
Dinas Jersey, Dzersi Siti, Dzersi Sitis, Dzerzi Siti, Dzhehrsi-Sici, Dzhersej Siti, Dzhersi-Siti, Dzhursi Siti, Džersi Sitis, JEC, Jersey Ceety, Thanh pho Jersey, Thành phố Jersey, grzy syty, jajishiti, jarsi siti, jeojisiti, jrzy syty, jyrsy syty, ze xi shi, Џерзи Сити, Џерси Сити, Джерсей Сити, Джерси-Сити, Джерсі-Сіті, Джърси Сити, Джэрсі-Сіці, גרזי סיטי, جرزی سیتی, جيرسي سيتي, जर्सी सिटी, ジャージーシティ, 泽西市, 저지시티

Jersey City is a city with population of 247,597 people. It is located in United States. Official currency is Dollar (currency code: USD). Latitude and longitude of Jersey City are 40.7282 and -74.0776. It is using America/New_York time zone. Local time in Jersey City is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Jersey City is +1.

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