Current local time in Kwangmyŏng now

Flag (South Korea)
Place nameKwangmyŏng
Local time in South Korea
Capital citySeoul
Local time in Seoul
CurrencyKRW (Won)
International Calling Code+82

Alternate names:
Kwangmyong, Kwangmyŏng

Kwangmyŏng is a city with population of 357,545 people. It is located in South Korea. Official currency is Won (currency code: KRW). Latitude and longitude of Kwangmyŏng are 37.4772 and 126.866. It is using Asia/Seoul time zone. Local time in Kwangmyŏng is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Kwangmyŏng is +82.

Local time in places near Kwangmyŏng

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Anyang-si11 km (7 mi)
Seoul14 km (9 mi)
Incheon14 km (9 mi)
Ansan-si18 km (11 mi)
Goyang-si20 km (12 mi)
Suwon-si24 km (15 mi)
Seongnam-si24 km (15 mi)
Jangheung28 km (17 mi)
Guri-si28 km (17 mi)
Hwaseong-si30 km (19 mi)
Hanam31 km (19 mi)
Uijeongbu-si33 km (21 mi)
Tongjin34 km (21 mi)
Wabu34 km (21 mi)
Gwangtan34 km (21 mi)
Haseong34 km (21 mi)
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Namyangju35 km (22 mi)
Wolgot38 km (24 mi)