Current local time in Tsuen Wan now

Flag (Hong Kong)
Place nameTsuen Wan
CountryHong Kong
Local time in Hong Kong
Capital cityHong Kong
Local time in Hong Kong
CurrencyHKD (Dollar)
International Calling Code+852

Alternate names:
Ch'uan-wan, Ch’üan-wan, Tsuen Wan, Tsun Wan, Tsun Wan Wai, quan wan, 荃灣

Tsuen Wan is a city with population of 288,728 people. It is located in Hong Kong. Official currency is Dollar (currency code: HKD). Latitude and longitude of Tsuen Wan are 22.3707 and 114.105. It is using Asia/Hong_Kong time zone. Local time in Tsuen Wan is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Tsuen Wan is +852.

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