Current local time in Falkland Islands (Stanley) now

National flag of Falkland Islands
CountryFalkland Islands
Capital cityStanley
Area12,173 square km (4,700 square mi)
Time zone of capital cityAtlantic/Stanley
CurrencyFKP (Pound)
International Calling Code+500
Local time in neighboring countries

Falkland Islands is a country with population of 2,638 people. Size of the country is 4,700 square miles. Official currency is Pound (currency code: FKP). Capital of Falkland Islands is Stanley. Latitude and longitude of Stanley are -51.7 and -57.85. It is using Atlantic/Stanley time zone. Local time in Falkland Islands is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Falkland Islands is +500. Neighbour country of Falkland Islands is .

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