Current local time in Christmas Island (Flying Fish Cove) now

National flag of Christmas Island
CountryChristmas Island
Capital cityFlying Fish Cove
Area135 square km (52 square mi)
Time zone of capital cityIndian/Christmas
CurrencyAUD (Dollar)
International Calling Code+61
Local time in neighboring countries

Christmas Island is a country with population of 1,500 people. Size of the country is 52 square miles. Official currency is Dollar (currency code: AUD). Capital of Christmas Island is Flying Fish Cove. Latitude and longitude of Flying Fish Cove are -10.4217 and 105.679. It is using Indian/Christmas time zone. Local time in Christmas Island is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Christmas Island is +61. Neighbour country of Christmas Island is .

Local time in largest cities in Christmas Island

Flying Fish Cove500