Current local time in Changning now

Flag (China)
Place nameChangning
Local time in China
Capital cityBeijing
Local time in Beijing
CurrencyCNY (Yuan Renminbi)
International Calling Code+86

Alternate names:
Changning, Changning Zhen, Hsiang-ning, Hsiang-ning-hsien, Siangninghsien, Syannin, Xiangning, Xiangning Xian, chang ning, chang ning zhen, xiang ning xian, 乡宁县, 昌宁, 昌宁镇

Changning is a city with population of 0 people. It is located in China. Official currency is Yuan Renminbi (currency code: CNY). Latitude and longitude of Changning are 35.9798 and 110.822. It is using Asia/Shanghai time zone. Local time in Changning is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Changning is +86.

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