Current local time in Vaughan now

Flag (Canada)
Place nameVaughan
Local time in Canada
Capital cityOttawa
Local time in Ottawa
CurrencyCAD (Dollar)
International Calling Code+1

Alternate names:
Von, bon, fawjan awntaryw, vu~on, wang shi, Вон, فاوجان، أونتاريو, وان، انٹاریو, واگھن, ヴォーン, 旺市, 본

Vaughan is a city with population of 238,866 people. It is located in Canada. Official currency is Dollar (currency code: CAD). Latitude and longitude of Vaughan are 43.8361 and -79.4983. It is using America/Toronto time zone. Local time in Vaughan is the same as in all other places in this timezone. International calling code for Vaughan is +1.

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